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Lorisa is a calm effective family advocate focussing her practice on helping her clients seek meaningful change on a domestic level by negotiating private cohabitation, marriage, and separation agreements out of court and supporting her business family clients navigating interpersonal and intergenerational family dynamics.

Lorisa listens and learns without judgment about her client’s personal journey and their needs, wants, and dreams. She explores potential future impact on the complex relationship between family and business. She offers entrepreneurs and professionals the wisdom and effective collaborative dispute resolution process where each voice is heard, sensitive matters are discussed in a confidential non- threatening setting, and the information is shared cooperatively to develop a durable, custom agreements. Above all, negotiations are mindful of competing and aligned interests, generational variances, and the strong interest for aligned values and effective, strong family relationships.

Lorisa’s toolbox includes her extensive experience as a senior family lawyer, cross-cultural conflict resolution management, workplace investigator, policy analyst and advisor, project leader, trainer, speaker, and published writer. Lorisa is also a certified Family Enterprise Advisor® working with a multidisciplinary teams to resolve family matters from within. She builds a solid understanding of her client’s family, professional, and business circumstances to provide best practices, goal definition, transition strategies, within the family circle.

Lorisa has developed a broad mentoring practice. She has spoken widely about the value of cooperation and support for guiding next generation legal and business advisors. She is a board member of the UHN REB, Mentoring Committee of the WLAO, member of Family Enterprise Canada, Law Society of Ontario, and involved in community projects and educational initiatives. 

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