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Why do I work here? I've been a lawyer for a few years in Lindsay. I decided to make a change by joining WARDSPC to help me become a better lawyer, not so much in terms of my expertise, but more about how I practice the law. This Firm and everyone who works here is very tech-driven, which continues to impress me. They tell me I have to actually become 'paperless' – I'm working on that :) By using so much technology every day, this Firm serves its clients better, faster and often more cost-effectively, especially in terms of the 'hard costs' to provide legal services to our community. This is a change I needed to make and I'm glad I did. I'm already on my way to being a more efficient, productive lawyer, which I am hopefully now passing on to my clients.

The other reason? The people. Being a lawyer is a stressful job – there's so much going on in any given day. The others who work at WARDS PC are so efficient and client-focused, it makes my day more manageable, leaving me more time to focus on my clients and their needs. Plus the lawyers and staff at WARDS PC are just nice people, making this an environment that I truly enjoy working and thriving in. This was the right decision for my family and I and I've never looked back. Before I joined WARDS PC, I was dictating and often had lots of paper surrounding me all the time. I struggled with helping my clients when I was not actually in the office. Here, they no longer let me use a dictaphone and they've set me up with great mobility, among other new changes I'm making. Everybody here offers me so much practice support that I am quickly becoming the lawyer I knew I had to be to continue to give my clients the best service in an ever-evolving legal world. Here I am know – Mr. efficiency. I never would have believed it.

Would I make the change if I had to decide all over again? You bet.

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