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Divorce is the largest financial transaction of most of our client’s lives - Fairmore’s practice focuses exclusively on providing financial counsel to couples seeking the best financial winning conditions for their next chapter. We act as financial neutrals, where one advisor efficiently helps the couple identify and account for family property fairly and consistently.  We assist the couple and their counsel quickly identify and reconcile differences concerning assets and money.  Armed with a fact-based view of each client’s financial situation we help the couple quickly put in place budgets that reflect the new reality of two households, sustaining them through the process and preserving precious wealth.  We pay close attention to the future goals the couple identify and help each client consider every financial settlement proposal from three perspectives:  “Is this proposal fair to me…and my former spouse?”  “Am I giving away too much?”  and “Will I be ok…5 to 10 to 20 years in the future and into retirement?”


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