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I've learned a law firm is only as good as the quality and character of the people who serve its clients. That's why we've hired only the best, not only professionally, but personally, too. Yes, it's important to have a great lawyer helping you, but so much is done by the non-lawyers directly and to make sure you are given excellent service. In my eyes, they are even more important.

Everybody here is so much fun to be around every day. I enjoy playing pranks on them regularly. Not long ago on a Monday morning, I called an emergency meeting. To everyone gathered nervously in the conference room, I announced that I had just been appointed a Judge and had to report to work by the end of the week and, therefore, the Firm would have to shut down, effective immediately. I then walked out, with a very serious look on my face, only to return a few minutes later to reveal the gag. Nobody got mad at me; everybody enjoyed a nervous laugh. That's why I love working with everyone at WARDSPC. They also give as good as they take.

Modern offices; excellent work and super people to do it with - I wouldn't want it any other way.

I'm profoundly proud of what we have created at WARDSPC, especially those who make it run so successfully day in and out. They are very important and we could not do what we do without them.

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